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"In your walk with God, the tough questions must be answered in order for your faith to be strong.  Tossing everything into the black hole of God is sovereign and everything happens for a reason is not good enough, and it is not Biblical.  Take a journey with me through the best ever word of faith book and video teaching."   - Chas

Isn't it time to get the right answers about God and eliminate those big, nagging question marks?

Yes, it is time.

In God, Why? Chas Stevenson presents powerful, precise, scriptural logic that eradicates popular spiritual myths and flawed teaching that has misled and confused people about God's character and God's good will.

You're about to make a delightful discovery of Bible truths that will clear the hazy image of God and bring the reality of who he is and how he works into plain sight. If you have a personal relationship with God already, God, Why? will bring relief to your soul, strengthen your faith, and empower you for life.  If you who aren't sure about God, it will resolve the spiritual inconsistencies that may have obstructed your view of God.  And for everyone, God, Why? will end the confusion by accurately answering the tough questions.

At last, a solid, biblically-sound explanation of why things happen that will leave you happy...with hope and certainty about God Almighty!

God, Why? Videos

Book Testimonies

My denomination taught me wrong!  “After reading your book, I found myself a bit angry at my past church upbringing.  All these years, I’ve been taught wrong about God and suffering.  Every one of your points seem to be the exact opposite of what is commonly said, but yet they are so perfectly scriptural.  How did you see it so clearly when they could not?”

Saved!  “My wife gave me the book, and after the first couple of chapters, I was quite mad at you.  I thought, who does this guy think he is?  But I wanted to see what you were going to say next.  As I kept reading, it all made sense.  Your book has changed my life and my understanding.  And I received Jesus because of it.”  [My husband is radical for God now.  That’s all he wants to talk about.”]

“This is the best book I have ever read about God.”  Sandie

We had dinner with a couple in our church last night and her parents were visiting from Missouri. She had given her dad your book and he has already read it twice.  All he wanted to do was to talk about it - how it had changed his thinking about the lord.  He is taking it back home to share with his bible study group.
The Lord is using you to reach the nations. Keep it up.

Pastor: "After I read Chas' book I knew I wanted him to come and speak to my congregation. I did not know him personally, but based on the powerful, yet sound teaching of his book and confidence through prayer, I asked him to come. 

I was thoroughly impressed with his presentation as well as his heart for the local church. His concern, from the first phone contact through heading home was for what he could do for our church. That truly impressed me. 

I am equally impressed with his passion to get the message of the truth of God's character to as many people as possible. I know that both his book and his message have been life-changing for many in our congregation. We would be happy to have him minister here again any time!

Pastor Jeff Zubeck  "Chas' book is now on my list of top ten favorite books of all time."
Living Word Ahwatukee, Phoenix, AZ

“As I got about chapter three or four, I realized where you were headed.  And I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep reading.  You see, I am a recovered cancer patient.  And those years that I had to endure all the suffering of it, the thing that kept me going was thinking that somehow, God had a reason for allowing this on me.  And since He did, I could keep going through it if I just kept telling myself that.  But your teaching was challenging me, and I knew that if I kept reading, I would have to admit that my thinking was wrong and I had built my trust on something that wasn’t true.  Sure enough, it turns out that God didn’t cause or plan that cancer for any reason.  And that if I’d known earlier, I could have gone to God for real miracle healing.  But you explained it all so perfectly, how could anyone refute scripture?” T.S.

Love love love the book!   Its amazing how God sends stuff you need at exactly the right time!   I have been teaching on the goodness of  God..  . BAM.... Chas'book arrived and confirmed everything!  Totally cool.


Finished “The Book”.  You have answered every question that a person could have.  You have shown light into every questionable thought and any false traditions or doctrines.  I even learned some things!!!!!!!  I believe this should be in every church library.  I know that the Lord is ever wanting his children to read, study, meditate and do His word.  Good stuff.  Keep on keeping on. 

God bless you and yours,

Pastor Jack Pidgeon

Dearest Chas and Joni,

Reading your book was a great experience. I think everybody needs to read it because of the confussion about bad things happening to good people and the bad thoughs about God.


Pastor Chas,

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your book.  I just finished reading about Job and as you explained the book of Job.  I really understand how difficult that must have been for him, not having a Savior and a Healer like we have.  I can't wait to read about Paul’s thorn.  Just wanted to share with you this is such a great book.   Have an awesome day!

Love Jean 

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