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How I Can Help Your Church ...

Most of my time these days is spent at Houston Faith Church, raising up a holy, happy, healthy Kingdom army of powerful, bold, and loving saints.

And it's working.

In addition, I'm also usually able to help other churches and preach at other meetings when asked.  And when I do, my thrust is always in these few areas:  igniting personal evangelism fire in church members, faith, healing, righteousness, and the goodness of God.

Though I've been pastoring now for over 12 years, my ministry to the Church at large is still the same as it was when I travelled for four years, equipping the church in power evangelism, imparting to every believer our great commission call and training every believer how to do the works of Jesus.  Before I pastored, I just knew that if a church would give consistent reminders to the people about sharing their faith, everyone would have their faith stirred to do it.  And my theory's been proven correct here at Houston Faith Church.  Glory!  

The other notable results we see after being in a church is that people's faith in the power of God is revitalized and their hope is back!

Take a look at our web site, and contact me to discuss how I can help your church.


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